Monday, October 3, 2011

Book Review: Night of the Vampires by Heather Graham

Night of the Vampires by Heather Graham
Genre: Romance, Historical Fiction
Pages: 352
Acquired: 09/16/11
Book of Your Shelf? No
Why I read it: NetGalley
Series: None

Most of us know how deadly and devastating the civil war is. Now try to imagine it even worse. With a third enemy that doesn't care which side of the war you are on. If you are human, then you're fair game. There is a pestilence that is ravaging the land, both North and South, and that pestilence is an army of savage vampires that seem intent on wiping out the human race all together. Only a select few realize the truth behind the strange deaths. Most choose to believe that it is some strange new disease that is highly contagious.

Megan Fox is different. She knows the truth. In fact, half of her is the truth. She is half vampire and has managed to retain control of her hunger and kept her soul. She is on the hunt to eliminate the vampires that have turned to pure evil. Along the way she finds her half-brother, another like her, that also hunts the vampires with a group of his friends, and has been for years.

One of these friends is Cole Granger, a Texas sheriff that has not taken any sides in the Civil War. Apparently Texas has too much to deal with - outlaws, Indians, and vampires. Word of a large outbreak of this "disease" in a military prison brings them East and into the very heart of the Civil War. Cole finds it difficult to trust Megan at first. After all, he's only met one other half-vampire before and tends to hold to the kill it before it can kill you mentality.

As the death count rises and more and more vampires are brought back, Megan struggles with her rising feelings for Cole and strives to earn his trust. But can they learn to trust each other and work together in time? The scales are tipping, and it's not in favor of the humans.

This story had quite a nice twist on traditional vampire historical fiction novels. Since the war is taking place, it's very easy for unexplained deaths to be blamed on wounds received in the field. And with so many being buried away from home, who is there to notice that the dead aren't staying put. The characters of Megan and Cole were very well written. Neither one really trusted the other, with good reason, for quite awhile. Their relationship grew in a very realistic way, even if it did progress rather quickly. The downfall of Megan's character is that she is obsessed with the search for her father, a full vampire, and her search puts many in danger time and time again. It just seemed like she never learned and grew.


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