Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Book Review: Daughter of Dreams by Marshall Miller

Daughter of Dreams by Marshall Miller
Genre: Distopia
Pages: 636
Acquired: 08/26/11
Book of Your Shelf? No
Why I read it: Review Copy
Series: None

Jared and his daughter, Serda, are in danger. He has stumbled upon a scientific breakthrough that people would kill to have. Jared has set up an elaborate warning and escape system, and when it goes off, all seems to be working as planned. But when only Serda makes it out of the city safely, Jared finds himself trapped and hunted. Serda makes her way to a place known as the Communes where she begins to rebuild her life, only to have it come tumbling down again. She once again falls into a terrible dream and no one knows if they can bring her back.

The storyline has sooo much going on that I'm afraid to say to much more even though the previous paragraph really doesn't do the story justice. This has to be one of my favorite dystopia books yet. It has a deadly disease, government out of control, and cutting edge science that can be used for great or terrible things. The only real downfall was the attempt at romance. While it helped many of the characters grow or show their softer side, it all seemed a little forced to me. Also, since the book was very in depth with so much going on, I often wondered if it would have been better if done as a duet or trilogy. There were several natural stopping places that still left the story as a cliffhanger, and would have given my arms a much needed break.


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