Sunday, October 30, 2011

Book Review: Embellish by RL Sloan

Embellish by R.L. Sloan
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Young Adult??
Pages: 244
Acquired: 05/10/10
Book of Your Shelf? Yes
Why I read it: Contest Win
Series: Maybe

Ancient voodoo curses, magic and vampires....sounds like a great combination. Solis is the victim of harrassment of all levels by the descendants of Priestess Aldicia, who is a very nasty voodoo priestess. Solis's family in one of the ones that stood up to her way back when, and now they want their revenge. Enter Nico, also a victim of Priestess Aldicia, but in a different way. He was turned into a vampire, and Solis is his soul mate, the one he has been searching for forever. Solis and Nico team up to try and put a stop to the curse of Priestess Aldicia.

This seemed to have all the elements of a great story, and the story itself was very good. But I just didn't enjoy it. My problem wasn't with the storyline, plot, or characters. It was with the writing. The style and tone of the story seemed to be aimed toward young adults/early teens, but the language and content (very sexual) were definately more than I would have been comfortable or able to understand at that age.



R. L. Sloan said...

Hi Jasmyn, I'm. The author of the book, R. L . Sloan. Thank you for your feedback. Embellish happened to be my first novel. Reviewers explained they loved Justice Served far better, than my first. The third installment will be out any day now,

Take care,

R. L Sloan

Jasmyn said...

Thank you for the comment! I do have Justice Served on my reading list. I was very intrigued by the characters and the backstory. I will have to try and bump it up the list a bit.