Monday, August 29, 2011

In My Mailbox (6)

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Behind out political leaders - yes, even the "moral" ones - is an army of young, horny, professional staffers scrapping it out.
Lisa Baron should know - she used to be one of them.  With the unerring candor of George Stephanopoulos and the uncensored with of Chelsea Handler, Baron gives good anecote on a world where Godaphiles and Press Tarts work together to keep their politicos from imploding...and reveals how a not-so-nice Jewish girl became spokeswoman for the former head of the Christian Coalition until she had to kiss that career and its perks - a durnken night with Wayne Newton and dating advice from the religious right - good-bye.

Daughter of Dreams

The spector of totalitarianism hovers over the City, a vast metropolis once renowned as a center of scienific and artistic progress.  Under the guidance of the Security Committee, the Guardians partrol the streets, using a network of DNA-tracking pods to enforce their will.  The Guardians have brought stability to the City, but not everyone is happy with the cost.  The forces of dissent are growing louder, ane one of their most influential voices is a brilliant scientist named Jared Manning.  But when the tracer pods start hunting him, he knows that he has a far more urgent problem than politics.  Jared is hiding a deadly secret, and someone very powerful wants to know it.
Jared and his daughter Serda must flee the City in order to protect the secret, but the danger to Serda is great.  Without her doctor to guide her, can she control the terrifying dreams that once tore her life apart?  She fantasizes about a life in the Communes, but will their idealistic society have the wisdom to understand the darkness inside her?  She may never know, because she may never escape.  Many have tried to elude the tracers, but no one has ever succeeded.  And in one of Serda's nightmares, the City is burning...

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