Thursday, August 18, 2011

Book Review: Outriders by Kathryn Mackel

Genre: Christian Fantasy
Pages: 288
Acquired: 4/17/10
Book of Your Shelf? Yes
Why I read it:
Series: The Birthright Project (1)

The world has almost come to an end. Vast areas have been rendered desolate by bombs and disasters. What remains is ruled by evil overlords that force the people to undergo cruel experiments in the endless effort to rule over all. But hope is not lost. Far beneath the polar ice caps a second ark lies, housing people and animals untouched by the blight that has swept across the surface. The time has come for the Birthrighters, as they call themselves, to venture out into the world. Setting up outposts where they can, they fight against the overlords and rescue what they can of the remaining animals and plants that have retained their original form.

I was a little leary when I realized this was a Christian book, many of them get too preachy for my taste. However, Outriders' mix was just right. There was plenty of lessons to learn as the people fought against the overlord Alrod and his mutants, most of which were created against their will from the peasants under his rule. The Outriders must learn to fight when it is needed while learning to accept that it is not always the only way. The overlord isn't their only concern. As the first group to leave the arc enters their 20's, they begin to fight temptation and jealousy. There is much to overcome if the Birthrighters want to succeed in their mission of returning the earth to its original glory.


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