Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Book Review: Battered Earth by D. Hilleren

Genre: End of the World
Pages: 229
Acquired: 8/4/11
Book of Your Shelf? No
Why I read it: Review Copy
Series: None

The world is experiencing strangely strong natural disasters. Many believe it is a direct result of humankind's footprint on the environment. But many more believe that they are just freak anomalies that will go away if we just wait them out. A group of environmentalists and energy scientists are set to meet in Stockholm to brainstorm ways to reduce the impact we have on the environment. However, there is a group of powerful individuals that will do just about anything to make sure their ideas never see the light of day.

Nicole Hunter is the host of the meeting in Stockholm. She is determined to find a way to reduce our use of fossil fuels for energy. When there is an attack and someone from the meeting is killed Oliver Odin shows up to investigate. His investigation leads him on quite a chase across Europe and Asia, uncovering a huge plot that could potentially kill millions.

The writing style of this book threw me off at first. It is not written in a typical novel fashion. It struck me as much more like the human interest pieces you often read in the local papers. A lot of facts, and a little personality. Whether or not the author intended it to read this way, it worked once you got used to it. I found myself eagerly anticipating the next "edition/chapter" and wondering where the story would turn next.


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