Sunday, January 3, 2010

Book Review: The Heart of the Buddha by Elsie Sze

Marian and Ruth may be twin sisters, but they do not always see eye to eye. Such is the case when Marian decides to go to Bhutan, a small country near India, to work in their library for 6 months. During her time in Bhutan something happens to Marian. After a frantic call home from Bhutan to Ruth, several weeks after she was supposed to be back, Ruth decides to go find her twin sister. Her search leads her all across the small country and into neighboring countries as well as she tries to put the last few weeks of her sister's whereabouts together.

Marian and Ruth are both very richly developed characters. They are subject to the whims of their very unique emotions and viewing the country of Bhutan (which I admit to never having heard of before), through both their eyes was fascinating. It was a country rich in culture as well as people. It was also a wonderful look into the Buddhist religion for me.

Throughout the book, you will read of two separate journeys that while vary drastically follow the same path...through love, life, faith, and family.


This book was received in exchange for a review.  All reviews I give are my honest opinion of what I thought.

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