Thursday, January 7, 2010

Book Review: The Book of Three by Lloyd Alexander

A group of us on the LibraryThing 75 challenge thread are reading the Chronicles Prydain this year. We started in January with the first book, The Book of Three. The first book in the Chronicles of Prydain didn't hold up to the second, The Black Cauldron, which I read many times when I was younger, it was a favorite. Perhaps these many reads of the sequel are what lead to me not quite enjoying it as much as I would have. We are introduced to quite a cast of characters. Our main being Taran, the assistant pig keeper, and his pig, Hen Wen (I love that name, I wonder if it means anything).

Taran meets up with an odd assortment of companions in the form of the annoying (at least to him) girl Eilonwy, and the bard, Fflewddur. They find themselves rushing to beat the bad guy, The Horned King, to the castle so they can warn the good guys about the attack. The story is enjoyable and easy to follow, but occasionally moved a little too fast for me. I could tell the author was trying to convey a feeling, but he moved on before it had sunk in. Overall I'm glad I read this book, and look forward to reading the sequel, The Black Cauldron, again next month.


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buffyffy said...

I loved the series when I was young too...and read it many times. And yes, Hen-Wen is borrowed from the celtic/welsh mythology, where she is a goddess occassionaly in pig form. But many elements from Prydain sereies are borrowed from mythology. Enjoyable review - thanks!

here is my own blog, which I have named Henwen...since i loved this name so much as well :)