Monday, October 12, 2009

Lucky in Love by Carolyn Brown

Milli is cowgirl in the truest sense. She knows cows like the back of her hand, she rides a horse like its an extension of her body, she flies her little plane in stunt shows an to take quick visits to her family, and she's even been known to go bull riding on occassion. This summer finds Milli and her daughter Katy Scarlett (I love that name) helping at her grandfather's ranch while he recovers from hip surgery.
Beau Luckadeau is know for his good luck, in everything but love. He now owns the ranch next to Milli's grandparents. Little does he know that Milli's daugher is the result of a one night stand nearly two years before.

The story is full of real life. Real life issues, honesty, family, and love. We watch as Beau meets Milli for the first time, again (he was too drunk to really remember much of the first time). The story unfolds as Milli tries to keep the identity of her daugher secret, while he lives next door.

I wonderful story full of change and twists. The outcome is predictable, as in most romance novels, but the path there is twisted and very interesting. Well worth reading for people who are wanting to try the romance genre but are afraid of all the mushy stuff, it's a bit toned down in this one.

4/5 stars

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