Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dark Side of the Morgue by Raymond Benson

Someone is killing off Chicagoprog (a style of music) band members, and all signs point to a woman who has been dead for nearly 40 years. Spike Berenger, a New York PI that specializes in the music business, is asked to come investigate. Can he figure out who the murderer is before all the band members are gone?

This book took awhile to get into. I had trouble keeping the characters straight since so many were introduced all at once. I'm glad I stuck with it because I got hooked.
I could have swore that I had this all figured out until the last 40 pages or so. Then the dramatic twist took me completely by surprise and I didn't quite get it until Spike himself did. I love books that can do that and still keep the story believable.
It looks like there are a couple more books involving Spike out there, and I plan to pick up another one and see how it goes.
3/5 (would have been 4 if the beginning was a little smoother)

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