Friday, October 16, 2009

Hiding in Plain View Thursday

An idea taken from Tutu's Two Cents where we randomly pick a book from our bookshelves using and bookshelves.  I'm a day late because I spaced out on this yesterday, but here we go!

This is a novel of Ravenloft an alternate fantasy universe where only the "baddest" of the bad guys get stuck. 

From the back of the book:
When Aurek Nuiken travels to Richemulot to search for a spellbook that lies buried within the dark bowels of the undercity, little does he know the horrors that await.  As two beautiful women vie for the interest of the enigmatic scholar and his handsome younger brother Dmitri, a family of wererats and a double dose of sibling rivalry cconspire to endanger not only Aurek but the ojbect he holds most dear.  Faced with his own personal torment and the all-too-real monsters of Ravenloft, the scholar is pushed to the edges of madness and a choice no man should ever have to make.

I read this book many many years ago.  Ravenloft is a wonderful dark fanatasy series that captivates the reader. 

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