Monday, June 6, 2011

Book Review: Darkness & Light by Paul B. Thompson & Tonya R. Carter

Darkness and Light (Dragonlance, Preludes, Vol. 1) (v. 1)
37. Darkness & Light by Paul B. Thompson and Tonya R. Carter
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 376
Acquired: Prior to 1998
Book of Your Shelf? Yes
Why I have it: Park of DragonLance World
Series: DragonLance Preludes (1)

Back to the world of Krynn in the first book of the Preludes Trilogy. The series follows the main characters from the DragonLance Chronicles trilogy in the years before the series starts. Darkness & Light follows Kitiara, the feisty female mercenary, and Sturm Brightblade, the honorable Solamnic knight, as they set off on an adventure to find Sturm's home and family. A home which was ravaged and burned when we was a small child, a family that has scattered to the winds. Along the way they run into an interesting group of gnomes and their flying ship. The flying ship, a gnomish invention that actually works, whisks them off and up even better and further than anyone suspected it could....right up to one of the moons. The moon, called Lunitari, is full of surprises and its own brand of magic. As the group tries to find its way home, they are put to the test physically and mentally.

This story could have been fantastic. It's all there. The crazy storyline and the unique characters should have been a slam dunk of a book. Unfortunately it wasn't. The writing style was a little choppy, with lots of action happening far too quickly and down time that seems strangely out of place. The conflicts between the characters are almost comical at times, but it lacked a serious side that I had become used to in the series.


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