Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weekly Finds

This week was a pretty good week to start a weekly blog that I hope to do every Sunday showing my recent haul of books.

From a contest I was very excited to win over at Libby's Library:

The Other Mr. Darcy by Monica Fairview

From the back of the book:  When Caroline Bingley collapses to the floor and sobs at Mr Darcy's wedding, imagine her humiliation to discover that a stranger has witnessed her emotional display.  Miss Bingly, understandably, resents this unknown gentleman very much, even if he is Mr. Darcy's American cousin.

Mr. Robert Darcy is as charming as Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy is proud, and he is stunned to find a beautiful young woman weeping brokenheartedly at his cousin's wedding.  Such a depth of love, is rare and precious.  For him, it's love at first sight.  Alas, regaining her good graces seems an impossible mission, and he is left to hope that someday their paths will cross again.

Another great contest win from over at So Many Precious Books, So Little Time!:

Supreme Courtship by Christopher Buckley

From the back of the book:  U.S. President Vanderdamp is so angry at the Senate for rejecting his Supreme Court nominees that his next choice is a doozy: Judge Pepper Cartwright, star of the most popular reality show on TV, Courtroom Six.

Will Pepper, a vivacious Texan, survive her confirmation battle?  Will it ruin her love life? And if she serves on the court, how will she get along with her eight highly skeptical colleagues, including the Chief Justice who legalizes gay marriages only to lose his wife to another woman?  Stay tunes...for a heady constitutional crisis, a reelection cammpaign the President wants to lose, annd oral arguments of a very romanitc nature.

After hearing so many rave about the Death on Demand series over at LibraryThing, I found this on sale and decided to pick it up.

Dead Days of Summer by Carolyn Hart

From the back of the book: Annie Darling, owner of the Death on Demand mystery bookstore, is understandably upset.  It isn't like her P.I. husband Max to abrupty disappear - and homicide is definately not his style.  But when his car is found abandoned on a remote road with brutally slain, once-beautiful young woman nearby and the murder weapon stashed in the trunk, Annie's worst fears seems justified.

The police have Max all but tried and convicted - except for Chief Billy Cameron, whose unshakable belief in his friend's innocence prompts his removal from the case.  And as the media circus descends on tiny Broward's Rock, Annie will have to place her own life in jeopardy to clear her husband's name.  But time is running out - and she has only one slim chance to unmask a killer who just may have committed the perfect crime.

Picked up at the bookstore on a small buying spree for my seven year old, this looked like something we would both enjoy reading together - we got to page 3 on the way home already.

V is for ... Vampire by Adele Griffin

From the inside cover:  Lexie Livingstong might be the first vampire to run for ninth-grade class president, but she holds a very human hope that her campaign will get dreamy Dylan's attention - even if it means running against perfect, popular Mina

Things would be going pretty well ... if it weren't for those annoying pixies!  Blix and Mitzi, unwelcome houseguests from the Old World, are wreaking backward-speaking, house-pinkifying havoc on the family.  Then they decide to help Lexie run a smear campaign against Mina - but how could that affect Lexie, just as she's trying to shed her evil vampire nature and become human?

Another bookstore find that I plan to read with my daughter.  Since this is the second in the series, we'll have to wait until the first comes in on our order to get started.

From the inside cover:  Zack and Judy Jennings, just your average ghost-seeing kid and his famours-author stepmother.  Off to enjoy a relaxing summer at a theater doing a production based on on of Judy's books.

But the director has another show in mind, and that production requires a child burn under a full moon.  A child who might not survive opening night.

And Zack?  He was born under a full moon.

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