Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dragon's Dower by Catherine Archer

Simon has been accused of being a traitor to the crown. The only way to save his neck is to marry the daugher of his worst enemy. The man that killed his foster father when he was younger.

Isabelle has been raised under her father's thumb and is obedient to him in all things....or else. When she is told to marry Simon she obeys, but will it the marriage be anything she hoped it would?

Simon returns to isabelle's home with her father under the king's orders. But something is not as it seems. Will Isabelle and Simon be able to figure it out before it is too late? Will they learn to trust each other so both can escape from the same man?

I fell in love with characters in the Medieval Harlequin Historical. They are very real and lifelike as the author lets you into their inner thoughts and motivations. They react to each other is a very human way that causes you to start rooting for them to succeed and fall in love from the very beginning.


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