Saturday, August 1, 2009

Library Books

The question came up in discussion between my boyfriend and I regarding my lack of library book reading. His very relevant questions was "Why don't you just read library books so we don't have so many books laying around." My answer baffled him. "I can't stand the smell."

There is something about a library book that tickles my nose and I can never read one for more than a few minutes without having to put it down. Then I think my hands smell like it so I must proceed to the sink and scrub thoroughly for until I can't smell it anymore. I have similar problems with used books for class. I've gotten several strange stares from fellow students when I go through the used book stack smelling each copy before I select mine.

I have often wondered if others have the same dislike. I've heard them complain that some smell like smoke or animals, which can be an understandable dislike for people with allergies especially. But I think so many just smell dirty from being handled so many times. I wish I didn't have this opinion at times, because buying every book you ever want to read gets quite expensive.

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Nonna (Chèli) said...


I live at the library. Of the 108 I've read this year, over 80 have come from the library. I still have over 100 that I own and haven't read, but the library has some of the really interesting ones that I want to read now, especially the histories. See you at LT