Monday, August 31, 2009

Gold Rush Bride by Debra Brown

Kate Dennington is an Irish immigrant with a big problem on her hands. She arrives in America expecting to help her father, only to arrive too late and find him dead. Not only that, but she is stuck in a frontier town with no oney, no house and no way home. Her only hope lies in Will Crockett (such a great Western name I think). Will he help her, or will her plans blow away in the wind?

I admire the way Debra Lee Brown really brought the west to life. The situations in the book revolved around problems that really did exist in the "wild wild west". It showed a time where women were though little of, and immigrants even less...and if you were a female immigrant...well you were pretty much nothing. This is not just a romance, but a story of people considered lower for no reasonn but their gender and race, stood up to the status quo and made a change. It wasn't easy, but what was back then? If it had been easy then I would not be giving this book 4 stars.

A book worth reading for the historical part. While there was a definate romance (it is a Harlequin after all), the way I read it almost put the romance as secondary to the story line. There were still sections that were typical of Harlequin romances it seems, or at least the ones I've read recently. But this was definately one of the better ones.

4/5 stars

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