Friday, May 14, 2010

Book Review: The Judge by Egan Yip

The Judge: The Coranite Chronicles (Volume 1)The Judge: The Coranite Chronicles (Volume 1) by Egan Yip (eBook)

Darek is a simple delivery boy...he earns just enough to make ends meet in his simple life. Then one day things change. The mythical judges have made an appearance and killed thousands. Darek is in the wrong place at the wrong time and is linked to this vigilante style group. Arrested, he find himself fighting for his freedom and his life across the galaxy.

This book is the ultimate sci-fi/fantasy book for young adults. You get teleportation, aliens, space monsters, sword fights, super-human abilities, just to name a few. The characters are engaging and the action is almost non-stop, but doesn't seem to be forced or overly rushed. The characters are constantly fighting battles not only with their enemies, but within themselves.

The ending revealed much about our characters past that pulling many of the lose ends together. My only complaint is that much of it seems to come out of the blue, with not previous hints by the author (unless I totally missed them). The book was hard to put down and had me rooting for the good guys all the way.


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