Thursday, May 13, 2010

Book Review: The Drifter by Lisa Plumley

The Drifter (Harlequin Historical Series)The Drifter (Harlequin Historical Series) by Lisa Plumley

Miss Julia Bennett needs a husband...and quick. The published etiquette author has been given a chance to interview for a new column on the east coast...the only problem is that she's on the west coast and her father will not allow her to go until she is married. With the interview date looming before her, Julia tracks down her last chance, the bounty hunter Graham Corley.

Graham is a wandering man, a drifter - and nothing could surprise him more that Julia's outlandish proposition. A proposition to act as a fiance, even get married so that she can convince her father to allow her to travel back east. Neither quite know what they are really getting into when they agree to their strange bargain.

Julia is a priss...a priss of the worst sort. She is the person that quotes her own books - Miss Julia's Behavior Books - to people so they know how to act correctly. She is well educated and is seen as the odd one in her little town. Meeting Graham will shows her a side of herself that she doesn't realize exists, and even begins to enjoy. I began to truly enjoy her as she grows and throughout the story into a new and happier person.

Graham is you standard bounty hunter. He never stays anywhere longer than he must, and looks forward to his time on the road...until he meets Julia. He enjoys being able to tease her about her prim and proper ways and does everything he can to bring her out of her shell.

I enjoyed this story much more than I initially thought I would. I disliked the characters at first, but as they grew I began to like them very much, as does the town they live in.


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