Friday, April 2, 2010

Weekly Finds: 4/2/10

Union of Renegades -The Rys Chronicles book 1 by Tracy Falbe (Nook - ebook)

From the electronic overview:  The Rys Chronicles begin with this character-rich adventure that follows the travels of Driebrand Veta, an ambitious warrior who seeks to rebuild his noble family's fortune.  He is the first to join the powerful rys spellcaster Shan, whose race possesses magical powers and whose Queen Onja rules many human kingdoms as their Goddess.  The wickedness and tyranny on Onja disgust Shan and he desires to seize the rys throne from her.  The third renegade is Miranda.  After escaping from her abusive slave master she becomes a crucial player in Shan's bid for power.  To weaken Onja, Shan raises rebellion amoung her human subjects and gathers allies to his cause.  Shan demonstrates his magic in battle and convinces his followers that the fearsome rys Queen can be overthrown.  For over two thousand years Onja has ruled, but now, not even fear of her ability to enslave souls will stop her ambitious enemies.

Hero Wanted by Dan McGirt (Nook - ebook)

From the electronic overview:  A rollicking fantasy romp across the Eleven Kingdoms with reluctant hero Jason Cosmo and the cynical wizard Mercury Boltblaster.  Forced to flee his home in Lower Hicksnittle and pursued by bounty hunters, demons, and the sinister Dark Magic Society, Jason goes from the bright realm of The Gods to the depths of the incredibly Dark Forest to learn the awful truth behind the price on his head.

The Unsuspecting Mage - Morcyth Saga book 1 by Brian S. Pratt (Nook - ebook)

From the electronic overview:  The Unsuspecting Mage is the first book in The Morcyth Saga, a new epic fantasy series by Brian S. Pratt.  From beginning to end, it's jammed pact with action and adventure.  Not knowing what is going on from the antagonist's viewpoint gives this book an excitement others lack.  An avid reader for years, Mr. Pratt brings his own original slant to the genre that has entertained millions.

Twilight Phantasies - Wings in the Night book 1 by Maggie Shayne (Nook - ebook)

From the electronic overview:  In two centures of living death, Eric Marquand had never once cried out against the cruel fate that had condemned him to walk forever in shadows.  But then, he found the woman he knew was his chosen one - and understood that to possess her was to destroy her...

Tamara Day trembled at the aura of dread and despair that enshrouded this creature of the night.  And yet, against all reason, she saw clearly that her destiny was eternally entwined with his, and that she must know - even welcome - the terror and the splendor of the vampire's kiss...

Wings in the Night Part 1 (6 Wings of the Night books) by Maggie Shayne (Nook - ebook)

From the electronic overview:  Indulge in six dark and sexy tales from Maggie Shayne's award-winning vampire series Wings in the Night.  Part 1 of the collection includes Twilight Phantasies, Twilight Memories, Twilight Illusions, Beyond Twilight, Born in Twilight, and Twilight Vows.

(I will probably be posting a review for each separately).

Dracula by Bram Stoker (Nook - ebook)

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Tracy Falbe said...

Hi Jasmyn, thank you so much for mentioning my novel Union of Renegades. In addition to Nook, it's available at other ebook retailers like and of course my website It's a free ebook wherever people find it. That's how I let fantasy readers sample my writing.