Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Guest Reviewer: Ima Nobody Becomes a Somebody by Brenda Poage

I'd like to announce a very special guest blogger today...my 7yr old daughter, Alyssa. She thinks is awesome that I write things on the computer that "other people" can see and read. So I had her write a short "This is what I like" type of review about the most recent book we read together.

Ima Nobody Becomes A Somebody by Brenda Poage

I like the part when Ima did not quit when Billy hit her in the head with a volleyball. I like tha part when Ima went to the circus to see the wonder dog. I learned that you never quit something that you start. I learned that you do not be a bully to someone else that doesn't look good. I learned that you fight back when someone is being a bully to you.

Now for my own personal two cents. The book was fast paced and humorous, which is great for a first grader. The names throughout the book are great, such as the gym coach Mr Go-gettum. The book is full of small lessons such as never giving up, doing everything to your best, and the big one, how to deal with a bully.  Ima learns that the best thing you can be is yourself, and that no matter what other people say even a Nobody can still be a somebody.

The book opened up many areas for Alyssa and I to discuss things that could happen to her and what the various good and bad ways to react are.  Alyssa loved Ima and cheered at the ending.  It's a great book for parent and child to read together.

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Awww, how cute! Tell her she did a great job!