Saturday, December 19, 2009

Book Review: The Doctor's Homecoming by Kate Bridges

Emma has just returned home to Montana for a visit after completing her training to become a doctor in Philadelphia. Her homecoming isn't everything she's hoped however. Her younger brother Cole has gotten Melissa, the daughter of Wyatt who was once the love of her life, with child. Wyatt is furious and an old feud betweent he families has resurfaced. Emma is thrown into the middle of things when Melissa goes into early labor and the Doc is out of town buying supplies.

I loved the character of Emma, she was such a strong figure to have persued her love of medacine in a time where women doctors were practically unheard of. She sticks to her beliefs throughout the story and I love how she interact with Wyatt.

Wyatt is a typical pig-headed, stubborn rancher. He knows best so things are going to go how he says they should....until Emma arrives and everything he things gets turned around in a few of their firey arguments.

The story of Emma and Wyatt, Melissa and Cole kept me interested throughout, even though you know with Harlequin it's all going to turn out alright in the end, I found myself wondering how it was going to be pulled off. A great story, but many of the secondary characters had me rolling my eyes because they were so "standard" and unoriginal.


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