Saturday, April 9, 2011

Book Review: Storm Thief by Chris Wooding

Storm Thief
Storm Thief by Chris Wooding

Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction
Pages: 310
Acquired: April 2011
Book of Your Shelf? No
Why I have it: Book Battle
Series: No

Rail and Moa are thieves in the only city of Orokos (and by only I mean only - there is nothing else). While on a mission they discover a piece of ancient technology and they don't turn it in to their patron. This is all the start of a very grand adventure as Rail and Moa run from the secret police, monsters knows as Revenants, and the thugs sent by their thieve's patron.

Along the way the meet a very interesting "person". A golem named Vago that has quite an interesting past,of only he could remember what it was. Together the three flee across the city looking for a new and better life.

This was a fantastic story. The characters are fantastic and come to life on the pages. Their relationship is unique and wonderful to read about. They are all bound together by a fate that is greater than any one of them.


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