Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Book Review: Salome at Surise by Inez Kelley

Salome at Sunrise
Salome at Sunrise by Inez Kelley

Bryton Haruk has a sworn duty to protect his king and his country, but his duty has been difficult ever since the day he wife was killed by invaders. And now he finds the invaders returning and threatening all that remains dear to him. He swears vengence and justice, to be the lawful executioner of the invader's leader.

The King watches as Bryton is eaten up from within and summons a powerful spirit to help ease his pain and teach him to love life again. Salome, a bird-shifter, answers his summons and swears to find a way to bring Bryton peace before he dies.

Salome is an absolutely amazing character. Watching her learn the ways of the human world she has been summoned to brings a lightness to the story that keeps it from becoming too dark. Bryton can't stand Salome and her gentle ways at first, but as they come to know each other he sees a different part of him unlocking. As they come closer and closer to Bryton's goal, both are forced to re-evaluate the reasons behind their actions and learn to look to the future instead of the past.


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