Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Mackintosh Bride

22. The Mackintosh Bride by Debra Lee Brown

Alena has a secret. The secret she hid for the Mackintosh when they were but children shortly before he disappeared. Will they ever find each other agian, and if they do will the realize who they are?

Alena also has a decision to make. She can either marry the man she hates or watch as her family is cast out of the clan.

The story unfolds around multiple mysteries to be solved and main characters that evolve more and more with every page.A novel set in the Highlands, the scenery and historical background captured my attention quickly. It is written in dialect, lots of lasses and lads and bluidy hell, but in a way that draws you in instead of making it difficult to read. The wonderful writing and the strong characters stay with you after the book is finished. I normally would not rate a romance over 3 stars, but I have to give this one 4.

4/5 stars

Since I'm a bit behind in my goal for the year, I've been pulling books from the shelf of Harlequins that someone decidedd to give me in pristine condition. I have to admit I'm a bit suprised at the fact I like them. Never a big romance fan, the writing a characters draw me in where the plot sometimes fails to do so.

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